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In a short space of time we have quickly built up a name as a trusted name in theatre stage safety. We always appreciate receiving feedback about our work and your experience of using Edge-Safe.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Assembly Hall Theatre

Assembly Hall Theatre, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent "We have worked with Edge-Safe on developing this product from original concept to implementation. Edge-Safe has been installed at the theatre for over two years and has already successfully prevented accidents. This should be an essential part of every venue's safety management system." Brian McAteer, Theatre Director, June 2011

-- Assembly Hall Theatre

Assembly Hall Theatre Website

"A very interesting product"

"A very interesting product, and something we've been trying to replicate in many forms over the years."   Jason Pritchard   Theatre Consultants Collaborative, Inc   North Carolina, USA

-- Jason Pritchard

Theatre Consultants Collaborative, Inc Website

"A smart, simple idea"

"also fills a safety void as a safety edge for stage aprons, that we don't have in the United States. It's a smart, simple idea." And not just a void in the US, we'd like to add!

-- President & Founder of major US theatre production group

Novello Theatre Aldwych

"I've been testing a couple of edge safe strips for a several months now and have found them to be a very efficient, convenient and safe way of stopping flight cases dangerously rolling away."   Nick Davey Master Carpenter Novello Theatre Aldwych

-- 31 March 2012

ABBT Widget of the Year Award

Widget Product of the Year Award

As reported in Members' News in the ABTT's Sightline magazine, Summer 2011:   Widget of the Year.   The award went to Edge Safe from Edge Safe Ltd.  The judges felt that this product makes a significant contribution to safety in theatres in that it provides a low profile barrier to stop wheeled items such as flight cases and Tallescopes falling from the front edge of the stage.


ABTT Website

Safety Matters Association of British Theatre Technicians, Summer 2011

  The following article was published in the Safety Matters section of Sightline, the ABTT magazine:   "Once footlights were generally taken away there have been problems in recognising the front edge of the stage.  Luminous paint or reflectors did not have the same effect and both performers and crew have been known to walk off the edge of the stage.  Flight cases and even mobile towers and Tallescopes have been known to have rolled away in the dark.   "Edge-Safe is a new safety product which considerably reduces the hazard of an exposed front edge of the stage.  The stage safety edge provides strips of a rubber compound with aluminium based visible strips of reflective/photo-luminescent sections which are not usually seen by the audience.  Width is 200mm, maximum height of 50mm and it is supplied in 1m sections.  The Edge-Safe can just be laid flat but it is recommended that it be fixed down as well.   "The ribbed edges laid on the flat with the visible raised strip enhance protection for both crew and actors from missing the edge of the stage.  Wheeled objects such as trucks or flight cases are unlikely to be pushed over the edge."

-- Association of British Theatre Technicians