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Possibly the biggest
advancement in stage safety
in over a hundred years

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Materials – Durable Synthetic Rubber (Black BS4255 Class C1), classified as non-hazardous with aluminium based Visible Strips as described below:

Visible Strips

  • Reflective / Photo Luminescent – alternating 25 cm sections.
  • Reflective sections illuminate the stage edge from reflected overhead lighting.
  • Photo Luminescent sections absorb light energy from overhead lighting and provide discreet and effective illumination during dark scenes
  • Non-Reflective White – 1m sections.
  • Bright white strips provide an effective solution to visible edge indication where overhead lighting is limited – such as schools and village halls.
  • Construction – Visible strips are constructed from aluminium, layered with Reflective or Non-Reflective materials and finished with a “Scuff Resistant” coating which protects the strips and provides for easy cleaning.


Edge-Safe different versions


  • Visible Strips – Screws – Pan head crosshead 4mm x 40mm.
  • Stage Fixing – Screws – Pan head crosshead 4mm x 40mm together with M6 Washers.
  • Edge-Safe can be effective without stage fixing but stage fixing is recommended.


  • Standard Width 1m.
  • Maximum height 5cm.
  • Depth 20cm.
  • Weight – Approx 8kg – easily portable as 1 or 2 sections.


  • UK: GB 2448742
  • USA: US 7,625,096 B2