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Possibly the biggest
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First Edge-Safe sale in the United States

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Stage safety in the United States is about to take a turn for the better!  Edge-Safe is delighted to announce its first direct sale of Edge-Safe in North America.  The buyer is a state-run adult development centre that offers stage training as part of the mix of activities offered to its students – adults with learning and physical difficulties.  Many thanks for the parents’ association that’s seen the value in the extra edge of stage protection that Edge-Safe provides.

Meanwhile, we’ve been talking to a number of contacts in the United States, including potential distributors.  WATCH THIS SPACE for details of North America and worldwide distribution channels, and in the meantime be aware – we can ship to you wherever in the world you are.  If you can see that Edge-Safe will improve your theatre safety management, and that it might prevent an accident in your theatre that might otherwise happen, we will find a way to supply.


May 2012

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