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Assembly Hall Theatre
Assembly Hall Theatre, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent "We have worked with Edge-Safe on developing this product from original concept to implementation. Edge-Safe has been installed at the theatre for over two years and has already successfully prevented accidents. This should be an essential part of every venue's safety management system."
Brian McAteer, Theatre Director, June 2011 Read more..

Welcome To Edge-Safe

Innovation in stage edge safety

Edge-Safe is a revolutionary theatre stage safety product that improves the safety of working on and off the stage. If you are responsible for the safety of a theatre stage or raised performance platform you will love Edge-Safe and the huge benefits it offers.

Stages can be complex places and bring particular hazards at the front edge, especially during performance and fit up. Since the removal of footlights from most stages over 100 years ago, it’s now best practice to apply a thin white line to the front edge. Although this may seem like a practical stage solution, it brings with it stage safety risks such as:

  • Little visual indication of the front edge of stage or platform
  • No visual indication during dark scenes
  • No physical barrier to moving objects

Introducing Edge-Safe our award-winning stage safety solution

We are committed to improving theatre stage safety and are proud to have created a product that addresses these risks. Edge-Safe is practical, affordable and greatly reduces the chance of equipment, crew and performers from falling off the edge of the stage. A win-win safety solution for everyone involved. Edge-Safe was launched at the ABTT Theatre Show in June 2011 and won the ABTT’s “Widget Product of the Year” award, for the best new theatre product of 2011. We believe that Edge-Safe is a great step forward in countering the particular theatre hazard of having people working at height on an unprotected platform edge.

How does Edge-Safe work?

Edge-Safe is a ribbed ramp of heavy synthetic rubber that is designed to be mounted along the front edge of a stage.  We recommend attaching it to the stage edge, but each unit is heavy enough to offer protection even if not fixed down, whilst being light enough to be repositioned or stored easily. Edge-Safe is so tough it can stop flight cases, Tallescopes or other wheeled equipment rolling over the edge.  Not only will it make the stage area safer during fit up, it’ll allow the crew to work more quickly and effectively too.

The benefits of Edge-Safe:

  • Angled so it is easily viewed from on stage and indicates the stage edge with a reflective strip that is visible to crew and performers in all light conditions (perfect stage safety for performers in dark scenes or if they are being dazzled by spotlights)
  • Just 5 cm tall and has a vertical matt black edge to the front so is virtually invisible to the audience
  • Robust – once you’ve invested in Edge-Safe you won’t need to replace it for years
  • Completely secure for artistes to rest their foot on for reassurance; great for stand-up comedians, panto stars and singers who like to stand really close to the stage edge
  • Successfully completed a two year trial in a busy theatre and is proven to prevent accidents

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